Think Like a Big Business – Using Marketing Materials to Expand Your Clientele

New and small businesses are often at a disadvantage. Not only do they have to compete with large businesses or much more established businesses that have the resources to provide cheaper services – they have to deal with initial obscurity. In the world of “Roto-Rooter” and “Rescue Rooter”, how is Joe the Plumber able to complete? The answer: easily.

Big businesses have one distinct advantage of maintaining their own marketing departments. These groups of people are responsible for maintaining marketing materials, such as brochures, billboards, mail outs, business cards, etc. By making sure the company has a recognizable brand that is reflected in all of the items that customers receive or view, they can stake out their place in their industry.

But you can do this too! What these companies manage by paying marketing departments hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can do yourself at a fraction of the price. Nobody ever said that you needed a certain amount of money to begin advertising. With a good printing company, you can accomplish a lot and with less stress.

Before you contact your local printing company, make sure they have their own designers who can consult with you and help you shape a marketing strategy. There are many types of marketing materials available out there that can be used affordably and effectively. This includes:

• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Mailing Pieces
• Door Hangers
• Post Cards
• Stationery
• Envelopes
• Business Cards
• Letterheads

A reputable printing company will only recommend the materials that you really need. It is also up to you, the small business owner, to use them effectively. For example: a newsletter or door hanger is only truly effective when you include information about coupons or discounts. It is also a good way to advertise sales and other promotions to help maintain your consumer base.

Whatever marketing materials you choose to use must reflect your company’s image in a consistent manner. A logo and color scheme is a great way to start, and an easy way to integrate into your strategy, whether it’s for brochures or stationery. You want to build name recognition.

Additionally, you want to create a targeted marketing campaign for any distributed items, such as post cards or door hangers. It helps if, from the start, you think about the kind of customer you want to attract. What type of shopping or spending habits do they have? What neighborhoods can they be found in?

Ultimately, you want to stand out from the rest of the pack. Whatever method you choose, be sure to go with an experienced printing company.

You Can Earn Money Online Doing Business and Real Work From Home Jobs

There is a vast amount of wealth circulating on the internet. Companies around the world spend billions of dollars every year on advertising online. Smart individuals (people like you) have learned how to tap into this wealth on the internet to cut a piece. There are many different ways of earning money online. I’ll focus on just two common ways on this article. The first is doing a business online. The second is working for a company online. Often the line that separates these two approaches is a thin one.

The range of businesses people can engage in online is so wide, it would be pointless trying to touch them all. A business is often all about buying and selling of products (or services). But one great thing about the internet is that there are a lot of business opportunities you can engage in that do not require you to have a product of your own to sell. A very popular business trend that borders on this concept is affiliate marketing. This involves ordinary people (known as affiliates) marketing someone else’s (usually a bigger merchant’s) products. Each time an affiliate successfully brings about a sale for the merchant, he or she is paid a commission by the merchant. Affiliate marketing is a booming business on the internet, and individuals are earning good money with it quietly.

If doing business is not your thing, but you’d rather sit at your desk hunched up in front of a computer, then you might like the idea of working for a company online, and getting paid. There are lots of legitimate online jobs available for people to do part time or full time to earn money. Online jobs also vary. One of the most popular types of online jobs involves filling out forms for companies online and submitting these when you’re done. Then you get paid. How much money you’re paid usually depends on the number of forms filled by you. It’s an easy job that provides you the opportunity to make money online from home! These companies are not interested in your resume, or your educational background. All that matters is your ability to do the job. And for that you only require a computer with an internet connection, and basic computer skills. That’s it!

Advertising companies around the world are utilizing the internet more and more everyday to advertise their products online. And they need people to help them create those ads to publish online. These companies often have a lot of money to throw around. They only need people who are willing to do their simple jobs for them. Is this a great opportunity or what?

How to Secure Your Multilevel Marketing Business and Reduce the Risk of a Google AdWords Slap

A Google Slap is a slap on the proverbial wrist of the online business advertiser. It’s a method of punishing those who do not play by the rules as they are laid out by Google’s AdWords as an online business advertising service provider.

Google permits network marketing businesses to have advertisements on the pages of their search engine with keywords and subjects relating to the search. Normally people with an AdWords account pay an arbitrary bid amount based on the popularity or commonality of the keyword search when someone actually clicks on the ad, ergo PPC (Pay per Click).

However, if Google’s spiders and bots find that the destination website is not relevant or unique or is duplicable, which is the common situation of most MLM or affiliate marketers who utilize duplicable websites and landing pages, they impose a Google slap on the advertiser.

This will immediately result in an unreasonable ineffective increase in the pay per click cost to a very frequently imposed permanent suspension of all advertising rights. When a company receives a slap it is usually irreversible. It is difficult to next to impossible to challenge Google on their decision.

To avoid the penalty of a Google slap you must have complete adherence to the guidelines of AdWords. A few helpful hints are as follows:
o Construct a multiple page website; having just a landing page that is only one page will not suffice any longer. It does not matter how good the page is experts recommend having a bare minimum of 10-15 pages of original content aside from the privacy policy, about us and terms and conditions.

o The content on your website and/or landing page must match the keywords you are bidding on.

o The content on the landing page has to include original relevant search topic text. Do not use image files alone as Google can not read an image file as text.

o Break up your ad groups into highly targeted groups. Too many keywords might get you slapped.

If you receive a Google Slap it will be very difficult to recover. Some experts recommend discarding the currant domain name, ISP and starting from scratch. Others recommend going to other search engines. This is extremely difficult business decision as Google’s audience is 70% + of all the online marketplaces. The best advice is to be prepared and to be diversified in your online advertising campaign. Spread your resources amongst social media, article, video, blogging and other marketing media to avoid a potential business meltdown and lastly, be totally and thoroughly compliant with Google’s rules and requirements before you launch your campaign and get the frequently irreversible Google Slap.